20.2.6 Academic Integrity Development Program

Intervention Strategies:

  1. Disciplinary Intervention

    1. F* grade penalty
    2. Honor Violation Probation – requires participation in the following interventions to remove the “*” from the transcript and be released from the probation. Students on Honor Violation Probation will not be in good standing with the University.
  2. Evaluation/Counseling Intervention

    1. Evaluation – to identify the source of the dishonest behavior
    2. Counseling – to address the source and behavior
    3. Counselor refers to the student Seminar
  3. Educational Intervention

    1. Academic Skills Enhancement Seminar
    2. Academic Dishonesty Component: What it is and why it is important
    3. Academic Skills Training Component
      1. Time Management
      2. Study Skills
      3. Test Taking Skills
      4. Writing Skills
      5. Anxiety Management
      6. Goal Setting
    4. Assessment Component
    5. Ethics Seminar - Case studies, discussions and written work regarding ethics, values, and moral development