Are we allowed to carry a handgun into a hearing or investigation?

Consistent with Texas State Law and the University Rule on Concealed Carry, the carry of concealed handguns into areas where a formal administrative investigation or hearing is occurring is strictly prohibited.

What are the sanctions for an honor code violation?

Instances of academic misconduct represent behavior that is of an especially serious nature. Sanctions assigned in instances of academic misconduct should convey the message that this behavior can serve as a destructive force within the academic community.
Additional information about Aggie Honor System Sanctions may be found in the Sanction Process.

Can I appeal?

A student who is found responsible for a violation and assessed a sanction has five (5) university business days from the date of notification of the sanction to file an appeal with the Honor System Office.

Additional information about Aggie Honor System Appeals may be found in the Appeals Process.

What do I do if I see someone committing Academic Misconduct?

Students have two options when reporting an alleged violation. They may report alleged violations to either the AHSO or the instructor of the course in which the alleged violation occurred. Initiating formal procedures is a necessary and obligatory remedy when other methods are inappropriate or have failed (i.e. drawing attention to a suspected violation, moral suasion, etc.).

If a student is alleged to have violated the Honor Code but the class, department, and instructor cannot be identified, charges may be brought by any instructor or student who has knowledge of the violation.

False and malicious reporting of an incident shall be considered a violation of the Aggie Code of Honor, and will be pursued by university processes.

I have been accused of Academic Misconduct, can I drop the class?

Accused students may not Q-drop or withdraw from a course with a pending allegation or finding of academic misconduct. If the paperwork has already gone through to Q-drop or withdraw from a class before an academic misconduct violation is reported, the course will be reinstated on the student’s transcript and designated grade sanctions applied.