Template for initial contact with students

The following is an example email Faculty may send to students that will not trigger a concealed carry weapon restriction or an in-person meeting, but still meets the Aggie Honor System Office's procedural requirements for addressing a case autonomously. 

Dear [Student]:
This email serves as notification that I believe you have engaged in academic misconduct in my course. Specifically, information I have received indicates to me that you may have [cheated, plagiarized, etc.] on [assignment] during [course and section number] on or about [date or occurrence]. The information that supports these suspicions includes: [list information that supports the charges of academic misconduct].
Consistent with the University's processes, you must respond to this allegation in writing by [Date that is 5 University Business Days in the future]. I will consider your response, and if necessary, engage the Aggie Honor System Office. Following your response, and consistent with the University's Processes for potential Honor Code Violations, you will be provided with additional options regarding this situation. 
If you would like to discuss this matter in-person, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance. There are steps I must follow per the University's process before we can visit about this matter in-person. 

Additional information about the University's processes may be found at http://aggiehonor.tamu.edu.
Thank you,
[Your Name]
Any in-person meeting subsequent to this email regarding these allegations will trigger a Concealed Carry Weapon Restricted Space. Faculty members raising these allegations should understand they are welcome to meet with students in-person to discuss this matter, but the process for establishing a Concealed Carry Weapon Restricted Space must be followed. This information is located at http://ccrr.tamu.edu.​ 
If you only want to engage the student in writing regarding this allegation, please respond to any questions as fully as possible so that they can accurately respond to the allegations. All correspondence about the allegations should occur in writing and must be shared with the Aggie Honor System Office upon filing of the violation report.
The following is an example of an email Faculty may send to students that will trigger a concealed carry weapon restriction for an in-person meeting. Note that this meeting must be submitted to the Aggie Honor System Office for approval of the Weapons Free Area at least 24 hours prior to the meeting's occurrence. Approvals are contingent on the allegations having been previously delivered to the student in-writing or through email. The form for submission of this request is located at http://ccrr.tamu.edu. If you need assistance completing this form, please call the Aggie Honor System Office at 979.458.3378. Due to the nature of the approval process for declaring a University space Concealed Carry Weapons free, once an allegation is delivered to students in-writing, the meeting may not occur immediately. 

Dear [Student]:
You must contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss potential academic misconduct, including allegations of [cheating, plagiarism, etc.], related to [assignment/coursework to be discussed]. This meeting may not occur during my normally scheduled office hours and must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. The deadline for scheduling and attending this meeting is [5 University Business Days from date of the email]. If you do not schedule and attend a meeting with me by this deadline, then I may address my concerns through any University Processes at my disposal.
I understand that you may have questions about this meeting and want it to occur sooner. Please understand that I am bound by University Rules and Processes in this matter.
I look forward to hearing from you to schedule a meeting. If you would like more information about the University's Processes, please visit http://aggiehonor.tamu.edu
[Your name]