Academic integrity and its role in society is a key part of the rationale behind and philosophy for the Aggie Honor System Office.

Essential Functions 

The Aggie Honor System Office was created in 2004 with the following defined roles and functions:

  • The AHSO shall administer the Texas A&M University Honor System.
  • The AHSO shall have the authority to create processes and operating procedures to implement the Honor System and to enforce the rules described in the following sections.
  • The AHSO shall be the central office responsible for maintaining records and for coordinating communication, prevention, training, remediation, and adjudication efforts for the Texas A&M University Honor System.
  • Additionally, it shall provide assistance to members of the University community when questions or concerns arise pertaining to academic misconduct.
  • Finally, it shall oversee the operations and functioning of the Honor Council, a body of students and faculty established to hear and adjudicate honor cases.

Statements of Support 

Texas A&M University has a long history of supporting academic integrity through an Honor Code. This section provides some history to the various iterations the honor code has had and quotes from current and past administrators supporting it.