I Suspect a Student Cheated... Now What Do I Do?

Contact the Aggie Honor System Office

Working with the Aggie Honor System Office protects the rights of the student and the faculty member, provides a resource for assistance in facilitating the process, and helps address situations involving repeat offenders.

Define Academic Misconduct

The University has established and defined nine different types of academic misconduct.

Gather Information

Individuals who observe or document a situation involving academic misconduct should be prepared to provide some information about the situation to the AHSO and the accused student.

Identify the Appropriate Process (Autonomous or Honor Council)

There are a number of factors that go into an instructor's decision of whether to handle a violation autonomously or refer it to the Honor Council.

Determining an Appropriate Sanction

The University’s Rules concerning sanctioning establish the F* as the usual sanction for a first offense. There are opportunities for faculty reporters to consider other factors in assigning sanctions.

File the Violation Report

The form to report a violation to the Aggie Honor System Office is online. It requires you to authenticate using your NetID and have some specific information at hand.

Appeal of an Autonomously Handled Case

It is possible that a student may disagree with your assessment of the situation and appeal either the violation or the sanction. The AHSO Director evaluates all appeals and forwards those with merit to the Honor Council for an Appeal Hearing.

Participate in an Honor Council Investigation

The first step of a case that is referred to the Honor Council is a fact finding investigation prior to the Hearing process.

What to Expect in a Hearing
An Honor Council Hearing is an administrative process where information is presented to a panel of Honor Council members. These four individuals evaluate the information and statements by all participants and determine if a violation occurred. This same group also determines and assigns appropriate sanctions.