Why Involve the Aggie Honor System Office?

Faculty should consider reporting all cases of academic misconduct to the Aggie Honor System Office for a number of reasons. These include:

1. Identify Repeat Violators

The AHSO serves as a central record keeper and clearinghouse on academic integrity violations for the university and can verify whether a student has a prior violation. These students need to be identified so that they can receive the education that they need to be successful moving forward.

2. Ensure consistency

While faculty members may choose to assign appropriate sanctions for cases that they report, the AHSO ensure that student and faculty rights are protected throughout the process. This is not to ensure consistency from a sanctioning perspective, except for cases referred to the Honor Council, but to ensure procedural consistency.

3. Protection from a grade dispute

Student grades that are impacted as a result of academic misconduct may not be appealed through the University’s Grade Dispute Process (Student Rule 48). Students who are not properly referred through the AHSO’s process and have their grade impacted due to an accusation of academic misconduct stand a better chance of having the grade changed through the process outlined in Student Rule 48.

4. Utilize the Expertise of the Aggie Honor System Office

The AHSO processes more than 400 cases of academic misconduct every year. Let us help you facilitate this process from start to finish, including working with potentially angry students and parents.