The Honor Council will provide fair and equitable treatment to Alleged Violators, including:

  • Authority
  • Jurisdiction
  • Notice
  • Hearings
  • Appeal (other than separations from the University)

Students and faculty will serve on the Honor Council and will be actively involved in developing and enforcing standards pertaining to academic integrity. The duties of the Honor Council members include:

  • Attend scheduled meetings of the Honor Council.
  • Communicate and promote the Honor System to the Texas A&M University community.
  • Serve as neutral investigators of alleged Honor Code violations.
  • Serve as panel members during hearings of alleged Honor Code violations.
  • Participate in training as designated by the Honor System Director. MEMBERSHIP

The Honor Council will consist of undergraduate students, graduate students, and two faculty members from each college. Training for new members will take place each year at the discretion of the AHSO.

  • All undergraduate student members are selected in a process to be specified by the Student Government Association.
  • All graduate student members are selected in a process to be specified by the Graduate Student Council.
  • All faculty members are elected by the faculty of their respective colleges in the spring elections.
  • Members may be removed from office by the Director of the AHSO for violations of System, University, Student, or Honor Council Rules; failure to attend training; or failure to perform the duties of their position. TERMS OF THE HONOR COUNCIL

  • Members’ terms are two years, except for the initial appointments. If necessary and to provide continuity, one-half of the initial positions in each category (undergraduate, graduate, faculty) shall be for one year, as determined by a lottery.
  • Terms begin at the end of the spring semester and end at the conclusion of the spring semester of the final year of the appointment.
  • Members may serve a maximum of five consecutive years, unless reelected for additional terms by their peers.
  • Replacement of faculty members who resign or are removed is made by the Faculty Senate for the remaining portion of the unexpired term.
  • Replacement of student members who resign or are removed is made by the Student Government Association (undergraduates) or the Graduate Student Council (graduate students).
  • Active Honor Council members, who are performing the duties of their position, as determined by the Director of the AHSO, may be invited to continue their service as long as this invitation meets the other requirements outlined immediately above.