The AHSO will be the central office maintaining records and providing assistance with allegations of academic misconduct by Texas A&M University students. Students and instructors may call the AHSO staff for clarification and assistance when reporting, or in the case of instructors, when adjudicating an alleged violation of the Honor Code. Q-DROP AND WITHDRAWAL POLICY

Students who are accused of an Honor Code violation may not Q-drop or withdraw from the course in which the alleged behavior occurred. After a case is adjudicated and if the student is found not responsible, the student may be allowed to Q-drop or withdraw from the course. A class previously Q-dropped or a class from which the student has previously withdrawn may be reinstated in a student’s record if a violation is found to have occurred after the student successfully Q-dropped or withdrew from the course. DEADLINES

The Director of the Aggie Honor System Office has the option of extending deadlines for extenuating circumstances. SYLLABUS REQUIREMENT

All syllabi shall contain a section that states the Aggie Honor Code and refers the student to the Honor Council Rules and Procedures on the web.