Student Resources

Define Academic Misconduct

The University has established and defined nine different types of academic misconduct.

Tips to Avoid Being Accused of Academic Misconduct

There are several things students can do to avoid finding their academic integrity in question.

My instructor says I cheated, what happens now?

With an accusation of academic misconduct an instructor sets in motion a sequence of events. This sequence includes an opportunity for students to see the information in their case file and accept or deny (through appeal) the allegation and possible sanction.

Who has to prove what?

The Aggie Honor System is based on a “preponderance of the information” standard. Said another way, the decision makers must believe that it is more likely than not that a violation occurred.

Can I appeal the violation?

A student can appeal a violation but basis of the appeal must fit one of four specific categories.

How does an Honor Council investigation work?

An Honor Council investigation is a meeting to gather information from instructors and students about an alleged violation.

What happens in an Honor Council Hearing?

An Honor Council Hearing is where you case is put before a panel of Honor Council members.

How does the Remediation Course work?

The remediation course is required to remove Honor Violation Probation and is often assigned as an additional requirement with lesser sanctions as well.

How can I be an Honor Council Member?

The Honor Council is made up of students and faculty members.